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In these tutorials, we will cover the basis of assembly language. We will use emu 808 emulator. In these learn assembly integer, assembly constant,assembly,integer expression,assembly integer expression,assembly real number constant,assembly character constant,assembly string constant,assembly identifier,assembly reserved words,assembly directives,assembly program segment, assembly labels,assembly mnemonics,assembly operands,assembly comments,installing emu,assembly registers,assembly input output expression,assembly data and variables,assembly inc,assembly dec,assembly add,assembly sub,assembly neg instruction,assembly flag registers,assembly jmp instruction,assembly loops,assembly nested loops,assembly push,assembly pop,assembly push pop,pushf,pushfd,popfd,pushf,pusha,popa,assembly procedures,assembly functions,assembly and,assembly or,assembly xor,assembly not operator,assembly test instruction,assembly cmp instruction,assembly conditions jumps jc,jnz,jz,conditional jumps,consotional loops,loopz,loope,shifting using shl,shifting using shr,arithmetic shift sal sar, division using div,multiplication using mul,assembly adding two numbers,assembly addinng two numbers and print sum,assembly add with carry using adc,assembly subtract using sbb,assembly array.

video 14: emu8086 installation link:



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