5 things expected from Samsung Galaxy Note 8


After the chronicles of Samsung galaxy note 7, the note series is back in business. All new note 8 is releasing this august 2017. The worthy successor shares same number with galaxy S series
Note 7 was a great downfall for Samsung. It made ways for many other companies to flourish their business.

It’s a new dawn, the new note is supposed to overcome all the damage that was made to Samsung by note 7. It is expected to come up with many new features in the market. According to rumors some of the key features of Samsung galaxy note8 will be:

6.3 Inches screen:

Much bigger screen size than earlier notes and also from galaxy S series. The expected size is even bigger than galaxy S8+. With this screen size it joins the category of phablets.

Dual 12megapixel camera:

The image size in megapixels is same as Samsung Galaxy S8 and note 7 or FE. But with the new feature that is dual camera at the back. Every new smartphone launching these days has dual camera for wider angle. The front is also expected to be 12megapixels so we can say that it is also a selfie phone.

6 GB ram:

To keep their flagship in business they had to keep it up with the best specs therefore they are giving 6GB ram in it. Galaxy S8+ has 6GB ram in it. In comparison with its competitors it’s a worthy step to increase the memory.

More screen to body ratio:

Same as Samsung galaxy S8, the screen to body ratio is expected to be more. There is very less space left where there is no screen and that is better with good resolution.

Higher price tag:

Samsung will give out their new flagship with a higher price tag. They are giving many new features but they should concentrate on decreasing the price. So that it becomes a bit economical in price.

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