Nokia 8 Rumors!! the actual king?

Nokia is ready to takeoff once again. Nokia understands the fact that ups and downs are part of life. Learning from their mistakes they are taking steps boosting up their products with the similar trust that people had on Nokia before. Their rate of launching new phones has increased. They launched Nokia 3 in june,2017 and Nokia 5 in july,2017.

The awaited Nokia’s flagship is now about to hit the market. Nokia is launching its new Nokia 8 31st of july,2017. To compete the market Nokia will try its best to make its flagship great. The competitors like Samsung s8 are still the top selling in the market. Nokia has to give its smartphone some extra ordinary features to survive in the market.

The specs of Nokia 8 rumored are as follows:


Screen size:

Nokia is coming up with a  screen size of 5.3 or 5.6. the size is not confirmed because both sizes are rumored. But the chances are more to be 5.6 because it will be their flagship


3800mAh battery:

Nokia 8 is expected to have a bigger battery than its fellows. So it will have 3800mAh battery. This sounds good enough for a bigger screen size.


6GB ram:

As the other companies have also increased the rams of the smartphones so Nokia 8 is also expected to have a bigger memory that is 6GB.


13megapixel camera:

Nokia 8 is expected to have 13megapixel camera at the back and 12megapixel camera at the front so this camera phone will take good pictures and selfies as well.



Gorilla glass 5:

The protection is Nokia’s first priority. So they are coming up with corning gorilla glass 5. So it will save your smartphone from mild accidents.



To increase the security of your smartphone Nokia is coming up with fingerprint scanner.


Android 7.0:

After their experiments with windows. Nokia is launching their phones with latest androids. In order to compete the market. It was necessary and now it looks complete.

Price range:

Price range is not confirmed. But a phone with these specs will range about 70,000-80,000 Pakistani rupees.

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