Can mobile cameras take over the place of a DSLR camera?


Frankly speaking  No:

The answer is definitely “No” because if we learn something from our teacher, we don’t become a teacher. There are many factors that mobile cameras still lag. I’m not saying that they will not compete them in future. But right now in every single aspect DSLR cameras are better.

There is one reason that one can favor a mobile phone camera over the DSLR that is if you are travelling to some area on a vacation you don’t have to carry extra luggage with you. You can definitely have brilliant shots with your mobile phone as they have now been made excellent and new features are being introduced day by day.

Whereas DSLR have better lens range, better colors. They have bigger sensors (that will be explained further). One thing that is made specially for capturing moments will be better than a device made for contacting our mates.


A sensor is a sub part of every camera this is the part that detects the light and forward it to other parts. Mobile cameras also have this sensor but they are so small that they don’t detect the whole image.


You cannot change the lens of your mobile phone camera. Well there are some lenses in market that fits on the mobile phone body but it doesn’t change the fact that it has a smaller sensor. Whereas a DSLR cameras have wide range of lens vary with your own choice.


A DSLR camera captures the colors that are closer to reality. Whereas the colors in mobile cameras are not perfect they are either bright or dull.
Low light photography:
We can adjust the light as we need on our DSLR camera whereas we can’t do that on our mobile phone camera.


Pixels give a better image resolution. Commonly if we zoom into an image the image shows small squares in it. That’s the area where a mobile phone lags.

Image quality:

We can capture RAW on a DSLR camera that we cannot do on a mobile phone camera
Professional use:
We can use our mobile phone camera for daily life use but for professional use a DSLR camera is obvious.


These days mobile phone cameras are not so bad but they cannot compete DSLRs. However people are more diverted to capture photographs with the mobile phone cameras these days. For now, the future of a DSLR camera is not in danger.

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