Xiaomi mi al !! good quality tech in less price


Xiaomi is making way in all of the tech. they are coming up as the challenger for all the big companies like apple and Samsung. It is giving them an actual tough time. They are doing this all in low price and high quality and this is what customer need. Therefore, people are changing their minds toward Xiaomi.

This time Xiaomi is coming up with a speaker that will compete Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod devices. The new device is named as Xiaomi mi Al.
The device has six microphones that catches the sound even from far. It can voice control all the devices very efficiently. The beta version for Xiaomi mi al is out. 1000 pieces are released in China for test purposes. And it will be launched publically in august. Mi al may prove to be the game changer in the world of smart speakers.


The price is comparatively very less that is 299 yuan about 4700 Pakistani rupee. Whereas its competitors are way more expensive.

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