How to import technology products from China


The world is a global market. There has been a trade between countries from the beginning of this world. People traded goods with good, bought them with money or gold. Now, the world has been modernized. Now we also buy the technology from other countries.
Talking about technology, China is on the top of the list of those countries that sale quality products at low price. This is now becoming trend to import tech from China. But a lot of people don’t understand the process for importing anything from china. So, in this article I will tell you the simplest way to import technology or other Chinese products.
The steps are as follows:

  1. First off you look for the thing that you want on a Chinese website. Namely,, etc. we have found to be the best service provider comparatively.
    One big problem with some other websites is that the ads that are posted are not the website themselves it’s their user posting their products. So, we cannot trust them because the website is just acting as a third party.   
  2. The payment methods for Pakistan are not so tricky but a lot of people don’t import anything because they think that paypal is the only method to import from other countries but actually we have other options too. “western union” we can pay through western union. Directly by on the number provided by the website or the dealer. The other option is paying through “credit card”. There are two types of credit cards we have here in Pakistan. One that is directly connected to banks that is not advised to be used for payment because there are a lot of cybercrimes these days. The other type is prepaid credit cards like the one we get from easy paisa so we have the same amount in that card that is required to pay.   
  3. Now after placing your order, website asks us to choose the delivery service. The things coming from china either comes via Singapore or Netherlands. There are many service providers that give good service and we don’t face any problem with them for example Chinese ems, sing post, Netherlands post. But DHL that is an international service is not recommended. They have bad service and we have to pay a lot of custom tax on products imported via DHL.   
  4. After the time that the website has given to us. We receive a letter from OPTA that there is a product arrived at post office with some information about the product on it. We have to visit the office with an NOC and the letter from PTA. We can get NOC very easily from this link :::””. This only require your basic information.  
  5. Now after submitting the NOC of the product. Your product arrives at your door step within 3 or 4 days. You have to pay the taxes on the spot. It is important to mention that we don’t know that how much tax is it going to be until it arrive our home.  

The custom tax varies with the features of the product and somewhat to the price of the product.

Hope this will help you in importing anything from anywhere and China specifically.

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