Top 5 handsets most awaited this year 2017

The world is moving on to just another level. The criteria for mobile phones companies have increased.
The specs coming up now were never before. The RAMs, cameras, processers everything has entered the next level. Those companies who will lag in competition might not survive not.
The world is all about technology. All the big smart phone companies are hitting the market with their new flagships. Like Apple is coming up with iphone 8. Nokia with Nokia 8. Google is upgrading to google pixel 2. samsung is coming up with samsung galaxy note 8. last but not the least xiaomi is coming up with xiaomi mi mix 2.
Now lets talk about these flagships one by one.

Apple Iphone 8

Iphones have been a reality. They have been great over the years. But the best is yet to come. Iphone is coming to the market with their new iphone 8. it surely is going to giving tough competition to other companies
Major specifications of iphone 8 will be:

5.8inchBezel less design:

The new iphone Is coming up with a bezel less 5.8inch screen.

No home button:

The new smartphone will not have their traditional homebutton. It will go to home from on screen button

Samsung like display:

The new flagship will have OLED display in its 5.8 screen.

Dual camera:

Like iphone 7plus had dual cameras. It will also have a dual camera.

iris scanner:

Iphone used to have a finger recognition in it but now it is going to change the trends it is coming up with scanner.


samsung galaxy note 8

it isn’t possible that iphone launch a phone and its competitor samsung leave the competition. this year similar thing is happening . samsung is hitting the market with it galaxy note 8. the competition is going to be tough but it will be early to purpose any thing before time.

the flagship is coming to the market with following specifications:

6.3 Inches screen:

The new galaxy is going to be a phablet like its ancestors but with a much bigger size of 6.3inch screen.

Dual 12megapixel camera:

the new feature that is dual camera at the back. this is for the first time for samsung to put dual camera in any of their smartphone.  The front is also expected to be 12megapixels.

6 GB ram:

To keep their flagship in business they had to keep it up with the best specs therefore they are giving 6GB ram in it.

More screen to body ratio:

Same as Samsung galaxy S8, the screen to body ratio is expected to be more. There is very less space left where there is no screen and that is better with good resolution.

Nokia 9

What a comeback Nokia has made in the market. Nokia has covered many of its problem but some are still here like Nokia 5 had problems with camera. Still they are doing great. They are coming up with their flagship in the market for real competition. Nokia 9 is hitting the market soon.
It will have following specifications:

5.6inch screen:

It will have a large screen of 5.6inches.

3800mAh big battery:

It is going to come up with 3800mAh battery for longer battery timing with even big display.

Dual camera:

It will have 22megapixel dual back camera. And 12megapixel front camera.


Nokia is fitting every best thing they can. So, they are giving their flagship a 6GB RAM.

Fingerprint scanner:

Nokia 9 will also have a fingerprint scanner for security purposes and more gesture recognitions.


Google pixel 2:

Google has been enormous with its nexus series and the pixel. Now they are coming up with the new smart phone Google pixel 2. it will also have a xl version. Google the android makers are giving their best for their flagship.
Google pixel 2 will have following specifications:

5inch screen:

The new google pixel will not have a very big screen. For feasibility they are coming up with 5inch full HD screen.


The normal version will have a 4GB RAM in it but the xl version will have a 6GB RAM in it.

1.5meter water resist:

It will be water resistant upto 1.5meter under water

Bigger camera:

Google is coming up with a bigger camera. To be exact 3times bigger.

Snapdragon processor:

It is expected that it is coming up with the snapdragon 835


Xiaomi mi mix 2:

The trend setter of bezel less designs. It is coming back again with even better design and specifications. Xiaomi is known to give out all its devices with quality specs but in less price. The mi mix 2 is the flagship of xiaomi.
The chinese phone is coming up with following specifications:

6.4inch screen:

The flagship is a phablet with a screen size of 6.4inches and a resolution of 1440×2560

Dual camera:

It is going to have a 16megapixel dual back camera with 2160p video recording.


Xiaomi wants its flagship to be best of the best so they are giving it a 6GB RAM.


Its been a tradition for Xiaomi that they give snapdragon processors. The mi mix 2 will have 835 snapdragon processor.


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