PITB distributing smartphones

The government of Punjab has been trying to make the lifestyle of the people better. They gave away laptops on youth initiative scheme on merit. The government introduced free wifi in the capital of Punjab and some other areas. Now they have made a new decision to distribute 100000 smartphones to farmers.

This scheme is named as Khadim-e-punjab kisaan package. Farmers who are availing this offer will be distributed 110,000 smartphones. these smartphones will have special apps like weather updates, help in their harvesting and how can they improve their quality.
The entire project is under the collaboration of PITB and Telenor. The apps included in the smartphones are easy to use and is good considering the targeting market. Another important feature offered is exclusion of patwari system and banking agents in getting loans for agriculture and the loans provided will also be interest free. They will be paying 500 ruppees for smartphones and if you are a farm owner you will pay 1000 ruppees.

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