All new intel core i9

intel during some past years came up with i3, i5, i7. And now with their 8th generation they are coming up with something special, something new that is core i9. Intel is claiming “it is the best gaming and creation laptop that they have ever built.” These new 8th generation chipsets i.e. core i5, core i7, core i9 are part of their H-series. The microarchitecture is known has ice lake and its process node is 10nm+. The model to be exact is Core i9-8950HK.
Intel is claiming that it will make our overall job 29% faster than the earlier 7th generation i7 chipsets. Gaming with this chipset will give better experience and in the same way 4k video editing will also be a lot faster than before. Overall performance is a lot better than its ancestors

The only drawback is its price tag. It’s the most expensive chip set intel has ever made. its price is starting from  $1699

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