OnePlus Caught showing less bezels for an Ad.

I don’t know what’s wrong with mobile manufacturers these days, they don’t seem to learn anything from their past mistakes. Every now and then there is one company trying to cheat it’s way to glory, which is not easy these days as there and millions of people watching their moves and that is why they get caught more often.

OnePlus posted some shots of an ad on their instagram handle and a twitter user was quick to notice that something shady was going on as the device in the ad had very small bezels and an almost non-existent chin, the user quickly reached out to OnePlus on their twitter to point out this issue.

Now I think that marketing departments should definitely try some new and clever measures to get user attention but this is simply unacceptable as the device in the picture is nothing like in real life which begs the question, Can you trust any of these brands out there.

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