Samsung is making their own version of NightSight called BrightNight.

Samsung’s OneUI is something which is exciting many samsung users out there as this update will change the user experience for many users who will get this as update, OneUI is based on android Pie and it is already available for testing if you are into something like that. Recently a team from XDADevelopers discorved a piece of code in Samsung’s OneUI which mentions a feature called BrightNight.

BrightNight is going to be Samsung’s answer to the NightSight Mode on Pixels and Night Mode on Huawei devices. Now Samsung is already quite late to introduce this feature so it must be really good to compete other NightModes out there.

Now essentially a night mode does two things, clicks a-lot of pictures and overlays them to increase the visibility in the dark and give an image with better highlights and shadows.The best night mode is from Google Pixel but Huawei and OPPO also have their thing going on so it will be interesting to see how Samsung tackles this.As this is a software based mode it is expected to first see the light with Galaxy S10 and then trickle down as software updates.

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