Google To Launch Pixel 3Lite and Pixel 3Lite XL

Google announced Google Pixel 3 and 3XL couple of months back and these devices recived quite a mixed response from the tech communty as these devices were crowned as the best Camera in any phone however the design was not so popular mainly due to the notch upfront, also the device was popular among consumers as other brands are offering better specification for much cheaper and the trend of budget phones with flagship features is growing fast.

To tackle the so called upper midrange market google is expected to introduce two new devices Google Pixel 3Lite and Google Pixel 3Lite XL, as google did with their flagships both the midrangers are expected to have more or less same specifications under the hood with the main difference being the battery and screen size.

Both the phones are expected to come with 4GB of Ram and 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, the chipset is rumoured to be either Snapdragon 670 or the new Snapdragon 710.The Camera setup is expected to be same as pixel 3 when it comes to megapixels however the sensor size may vary.This is the first time after Nexus 5x that google is considering to launch their device in a midrange segment.The phones will compete with budget range kings like OnePlus 6t and Pocophone F1 which are killing in the market right now.

Cameras for Pixel devices have always been their main advantage as Google is the leader when it comes to image processing and software based camera techniques, Pixel 3Lite and 3Lite XL both are expected to launch with all the camera features which were available on Google Pixel 3. The biggest software illusion google pulled was night shift which is the best night mode out there.

Pixel 3 Lite and 3 Lite XL will be aiming for a price tag between 300 and 500$ and are rumoured to come on verizon in the start.


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