Because women Fancy Jason Momoa , AQUAMAN earned $750

Among many of DC’s live actions and the remake of some of the most famous and perhaps classic movies AQUAMAN is the first of its kind to have been made into live action. AQUAMAN certainly was not people’s favorite nor did many showed interest until his official appearance in justice league as a bad ass topless hot guy that rides the wave really well. and women could have just sat there looking at him swaying his hands that ignite ocean waves while riding the wildest sharks and commanding the kera then anyways recently we have heard that AQUAMAN is reaching its earning peak at $750 million.

AQUAMAN certainly did not start out with a huge boom of fan bases like man of steel and dark knight did. but this phenomenon happened because of women. yes more than 80% of women enjoyed watching the hotness than Momoa was showing as Arthur curry on screen. it is one of those franchise that fell under the critic-proof list because no matter what people say about the story which was actually pretty fitting to the comic with how every character design was represented correctly its popularity shot up as the ocean master emerges from the biggest wave of the pacific ocean.

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