Neck ache in Fibromyalgia

Like other general signs , neck ache is very severe and disturbing. Neck is that part of body which moves with each movement of body. That’s why we can say that it can be mostly observable. For moving , turning and many activities, for cleaning like tasks and for supporting head, our neck bones are used.  If these muscles are in pain, it makes us feel like our whole body is disturbing a lot because of just neck.

Avoid these reasons

If you feel that you ache is increasing day by day and it remains constant it’s not improving then you should must have an appointment. Ask him to take complete tests of muscles of neck. Tell your pain areas to him for complete or proficient examination. Check out if there is any internal injury here. Take a complete discussion with your doctor that how you are spending your life, what is your sleep pattern and how you spend your whole day.

Many tests can be taken to check out neck injuries. There exists natural curvature in neck , in case of losing it, you will feel severe pain for sure.

An instrument named as “Dakota” can be used to put that curvature at its natural place. It may happen by having some kind of hard pillow while sleep.

When you lie on it for few minutes daily, then your neck pain will be eliminating slowly. This type of pain can be possible by maximizing the use of mobile phones or social media use.

So, try to observe your positions whatever you do. If you thought that your neck pain is only because of fibromyalgia, then still you can have some efforts and preventive measure which I have just discussed. If you are in fibromyalgia, and you are taking too much stress or under some kind of pressure, your neck pain will be maximized.

Hard neck pain also affects other body parts. It can create difficulty in breathing. It influences a lot to your throat as affecting thyroid & adrenals. There can be exists many causes of it so be aware of it as much as you can.

Excessive use of social media devices

Mobile phones, laptops and tablets are in excess use these days. Everyone is addicted to these. It can be wondered news to you that they are paying a lot role in this pain. You will look that this pain is redundant movement, sitting and standing before other fibromyalgia feel. If you put your neck in compromising state for some seconds or minutes you can feel harsh neck ache.  Try to minimize your social media usage and pay less time on such type of devices. Try to place your curvature at its right place. You can’t know how it can move in whole body. For it , a therapy is suggested, name as Myotheraphy. This is less invasive and more effective.  

Measurements during Fibromyalgia

It can be possible that you are far away from root cause of this disease fibromyalgia, but still you can have measurements for it. I trust it can be right for some signs of fibromyalgia. I am trying to suggest you all about the factors by which you can achieve quality life.

I can suggest you that neck exercises to make muscles comfortable . You can have some discomfort with it but they are probably important and most necessary.

Simply turning your head from one side to the other and holding the position for a few seconds on each side may help. You can also use body resistance to lightly strengthen the upper neck muscles. Hold one palm against your forehead while pushing your head forward and concentrating on the back of your neck and hand resisting one another. Also follow on the fitness page, Fibro Fit People, (video section) where I address the neck and other common areas with simple and effective exercises developed for fibromyalgia. You will see where I wear a soft neck support even when performing some upper body exercises, simply to protect the neck.   

I recommend using hot or cold compresses on your neck. You may try rotating between ice and the heat to help increase circulation which can in turn, reduce pain levels. Even just a warm cloth around the neck can feel soothing, especially before bed. 

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