Suicide: When it becomes unable to bear!

Sometimes we thought now we can’t bear this anymore. Have we always bear this severe pain to be alive. Is it not possible ever to eliminate this anxiety and depressive thoughts? For some people , the only way left under these circumstances is death. Death of your feelings, death of emotions and death of everything concerned to you. Those you can’t make these things died they decide to finish their lives. Death of their own selves. But it’s not about all. Some people ignore such type of thoughts. People thought to go far away from their suicidal thinking, they try to leave the connections that depressed them. May be they can go away some where far from these suicidal thoughts, but they feel disappointment when they realize that they are not going to be change.   If they could just escape it, maybe they still could go on somehow. Not right now, but after a while. They just need to get away from it. Suicidal thoughts and actions are also sometimes paired with strong impulses and low inhibitions. This can happen with drugs and alcohol, bipolar disorder, or any personality style that leans more toward action than consideration. When a depressed or desperate mood gets legs, a person could be in real physical danger.

These are some examples but with these you will be able to understand mood connections with it:

  1. Someone having a breakup lies on track of train. Such type of person must have many beers and broken emotions.
  2. Mood issues in a person , when he drives a car he thinks if he hit in a tree or wall what will be happened then.
  3. A person having social anxiety disorder, become sick of daily routine. They may fire bullet of gun in his head.

Different people have different type of feelings in pain. Some who have job issues , those who have  lost their loved ones, breakup guys , this type of people can think of suicide. In these people , some one can have religious beliefs on hard and fast rules. Others can have society issues, everyone can have such things in different ways.

In these people, mostly have very dangerous thoughts about life and time. Some come very close to the brink of action before pulling back. Others only have fleeting thoughts. The “invasion” of depression into a person’s mind can make difficult things seem much more than just difficult — they become impossible.

For any of you who have been down this path, I invite you to add on comments and expand on this little post. There’s no way a few hundred words can do justice to the topic except to introduce it. If you are feeling strongly about suicide and don’t feel safe, I urge you to contact your local police or hospital right away. They are trained to help you get through your immediate crisis, and then get you the further specialized mental health help that you need. And for those I have known who have taken their own lives, your deaths have made a lifelong impression on me.

They see no reason to live on after their spouse has died.

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