TikTok is Not Getting Banned In Pakistan

Well lets be honest Tiktok is everywhere these days as many people are joining this social media app to share their videos, now the thing which separates tiktok from other social media applications is “Tiktok Challenges” which are different tasks decided by Tiktok management and usually involve some clever or difficult camera move.

Tiktok challenges are becoming more and more extreme with time as some them can actually cause loss of money or health which is never a good thing, but (Yes there is always a but) the thing not remember here is that most of the times its not the challenge but the user which makes it extreme and dangerous.

Recently a man from Nowshera filled a complaint against Tiktok and wanted tiktok to be banned in Pakistan.Tiktok is nowhere near our favourite social media app but come on you can’t just ban a social media just because someone is not liking it, remember the whole Youtube scene when Youtube was banned and VPN became a normal thing, same could happen if Tiktok is banned.

Pakistan as a country should be more welcoming to modern technology instead of blindly banning everything new, because if you want to control something you should regulate it instead of banning. ARY reported that Tiktok is getting banned on 10Jan which has passed and no such ban has happened also no official statement from any Government body has been issued.

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